Developing innovation is critical for the future of us all...

Critical thinking, creativity and innovation are essential skills that all learners need to embrace in the 21st Century. At Barker, students and teachers are encouraged to adopt a Growth Mindset in their work. This may involve a teacher using new approaches to teaching and learning, students developing a code to be run in space or creating solutions related to global sustainability.  

We continue to investigate different classroom structures and creative learning environments, combined with approaches to Blended Learning for staff and students. The Barker Institute looks to investigate and report on How? And Why? these changes are valuable within the learning process. In 2021, staff were engaged in a variety of different projects encompassing Blended Learning, Coaching, Formative Assessment, combined with ongoing attention to quality feedback, tracking linked to intentional learning and explicit goal-setting.

Our Junior School bases its curriculum around Inquiry Learning, where the staff place the child at the centre of the learning experience, encouraging them to ask the big questions about the world around them. Linking learning to the innovative adaption of self-reflection allows learners and staff to continually assess and recalibrate their understanding. Through quality, intentional professional dialogue, The COT (College of Teachers) sees over 50 staff work with lead coaches Mr Len Nixon and Mrs Jacqui McLachlan to guide growth and improvement amongst teachers.