The Importance of success and value in career development for Women – An informative and challenging presentation last night!

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The Importance of success and value in career development for Women Barker Presentation Final Slides Thursday Annalisa Haskell presenting at the Twilight Series Last night, a captive audience enjoyed the presentation given by Barker College parent and the CEO of Local Government Professionals Australia NSW, Annalisa Haskell. Annalisa shared her journey in the workplace across [...]

Our Cultural Heritage – A wonderful opening of the new Twilight Series by Prof. Richard Mackay.

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The appreciative audience who attended Professor Mackay's presentation 'Our Cultural Heritage and Global Hope' in the BCMA Theatre on Monday evening, were treated to a night of wonderful insight, knowledge and wisdom, that reflected his real sense of passion and connection with the cultural heritage of the countries mentioned, highlighting the profound level of identity and solace many cultural [...]

Dan Haesler – Growth Mindset and the right kind of praise and feedback. Community Forum.

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GROWING YOUR MINDSET Last night, Dan Haesler presented a community forum for a large crowd of interested parents, students and staff. He explained the emerging research into Mindset Theory ( and unpacked this in a very enjoyable and informative way for all in attendance. Through a range of anecdotes, educational experiences and examples, Dan highlighted [...]

Teachers as Researchers and Leaders – Using evidence to inform and influence practice in education

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The Research Lead Downunder - Changing roles in Education A very interesting post over the weekend that highlights the increasing focus on research and data in education and the important role it has to play. It's good for to to see the Barker Institute being acknowledged amongst other similar initiatives around the country in this article. [...]

Together in Learning – Together in Life. Co-education at Barker College – transition from 2018.

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Together in Learning - Together in Life Co-education for the whole school at Barker. The Council of Barker College are delighted to announce that commencing 2018, Barker will begin the transition to full coeducation. It is a very exciting time in the history of our School. This move will complete the Barker coeducation story which [...]

Confident and Capable! Parents get the message from Dr Judith Locke.

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On Tuesday August 9, well over 400 parents were engaged by Dr Judith Locke, clinical psychologist and presenter in the latest Barker Institute event. After presenting a session to the staff in the afternoon, she covered a wide array of strategies and identifiers to watch out for in our students, ranging from PreK through to [...]

Year 8-9 Parent Evening and Forum

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Monday night's Year 8-9 Parent Forum saw Mr Heath shared data to parents from the whole school survey in 2015, discussng the responses and percpetions from the community. Our Senior Counsellor, Mr John Hensley, provided advice about developing and managing our middle school boys (your sons) as they journey through the school. Dr Brad Merrick covered a range of strategies [...]

Years 5 and 6 – Parent Forum – Engagement and Motivation – 5 key steps for our young learners

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Many Year 5 and 6 parents attended the forum on Monday evening and heard about the underlying features of effective motivation and engagement on student learning. The talk covered key areas highlighted in the academic research including the importance of developing a 'Growth Mindset', 'Self-belief', 'Self-reflection' combined with 'Asking the right questions' and providing 'Meaningful feedback'. Based on the talk [...]

Craig Hamilton presentation – We need to have the conversation about depression!

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Raising the awareness of Mental Health - Craig Hamilton   Craig Hamilton addresses the Institute audience.   Last night, the broader Barker community and parents, staff and students enjoyed a very 'real' presentation from ABC Sports Broadcaster, Craig Hamilton who shared the story of his battle with depression nearly 15 years ago and [...]

Paul Dillon challenged parents and gave them a lot to think about!

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  Adolescents and 'risk taking': Why do teens do the things they do and what parents can you do about it? Barker Institute Presentation - Paul Dillon Drugs and Alcohol Presentation                     Wednesday evening March 30 saw Mr Paul Dillon, Director of [...]