Thursday afternoon and evening saw two fascinating presentations from Dr Anita Collins, as she shared her extensive knowledge of Neuroscience and Music, examining the connections with learning. Her presentation picked up on the themes presented in her highly acclaimed TedEd talk and video “How playing an instrument benefits your brain” which has been viewed 3,500,000 times! view here

The afternoon session explored the connections with executive functioning through to language acquisition, while the evening saw parents engaged in the facts about the ‘full body’ workout that playing music provides for children from the time they are born, continuing throughout their lives.

Dr Collins discussed a wide range of research as she responded to questions from the floor. She discussed how playing music related to enjoyment and well being, while the underlying message illuminated the fact that the ‘music brain’ is central to all of the other functions we do in our lives and pivotal in the development of our memory.

The interest and comments from both the teachers and parents affirmed the importance of using music as a means to develop life-long learning and independence amongst students in all classrooms. Dr Collins suggested that all babies should be handed a musical instrument as they departed hospital after birth, an interesting idea to conceptualise.

The Barker Institute is indebted to Dr Anita Collins for her contribution to our community through the sharing of her expertise. We thank her for insightful comments and breadth of understanding, which allowed all participants to grasp a very clear and meaningful understanding of the connections between Neuroscience and Music.

Here are some links to the great infographic summaries that were shared in her presentations. See them here