Professional Learning

Professional Learning underpins all that we do with staff and the broader community. It is a key component of the Barker Institute's Mission...

Key to the ongoing development of staff is access to authentic, professional learning experiences that foster the interest, capacity and understanding of one’s own practice. It is most successful when it is situated in the learning environment and developed through the ongoing sharing of ideas within the learning community. 

Barker College Professional Learning Program 2021

Whole School Professional Learning Days
Throughout the year, all staff participate in whole school professional learning days. Each day has a specific focus in teaching and learning, wellbeing or other aspects of the School.

Teacher Learning Communities (TLC)
TLCs involve collaborative learning where small groups of teachers meet to learn and reflect for four sessions across Terms 2 and 3. The focus of the TLC for 2021 will support three strands of the Teaching and Learning Framework: environment, knowledge, and feedback and reflection.

Online Professional Learning
Many courses are now provided online through the Barker Professional Learning course on Canvas.

Barker staff will have the opportunity to learn from colleagues and guest presenters by attending specific presentations and Teachmeets that will be held each term in weeks 3, 6 and 9 from 3:40-4:30pm.

Professional Learning Courses
Within the professional learning program is the opportunity to apply to attend a variety of recommended externally provided courses. Subject specific professional learning is available and is coordinated at a faculty level by each Head of Department.

Staff have the opportunity through the College of Teachers to be trained as teacher coaches. All staff can also access coaching on request.
New graduates are assigned a teacher coach for the first year of teaching.

The Barker Junior School Professional Learning Program has been designed to be school-based and directly relevant to the daily work of teachers with a focus on:
  • Student outcomes linked to NESA outcomes and PYP Standards and Practices.
  • Embedding professional learning in teacher practice and into the daily work routine.
  • Guided by research through the Barker Reaching and Learning Framework.
  • Reflection and targeted goal setting supported by student and colleague feedback.
  • Acknowledging the responsibility of individuals and the whole school in professional learning.

Each Wednesday is set aside for whole Junior School Professional Learning from 3:00 – 4:30pm.​